Wednesday, September 30, 2009

YouTube And the Common DMCA Counterclaim.

My email to YouTube

From: "Dave Nicholson"
Subject: "Please help me with this."
Date: "Wed, 30 Sep 2009 00:26:41 -0600"

September 30, 2009

On March 05, 2009 my account received a false DMCA complaint by a hater.
Don't be telling me to file a counter claim so you can give my personal
information to a hater to attack me in real life on the phone or threw the
mail. I wish the information about this complainant, the email address at
least. And I may ask, did you verify the information he gave you? I think
if you try to do so, this situation can be resolved in an amenable
fashion. Video ID was: kYTtUKsI0zY but was removed when I previously
closed the account. The title of the video was "laundry day" the user name
of the account is MyMooseJaw.

By reading your info on a counterclaim, I see that you would promptly
violate Canadian law by sending my personal information to the hater. This
is not an acceptable situation as I am unlisted and wish to stay so.

David Nicholson

The response from YouTube

This is an automated response, and your message will not be reviewed.

Your message does not appear to contain a complete DMCA related
notification. This email address is for correspondence regarding DMCA
related notifications only.

For information on how to report content to YouTube, please read this
email in its entirety.

If you wish to report abuse or inappropriate content, please visit, or if you
feel you have a privacy request, please visit

For the requirements of DMCA related notifications, or if you have
questions about our DMCA policy, please see:

If you're requesting removal of a video that is allegedly infringing your
copyright, you will need to provide us with a complete DMCA notification.
To expedite our ability to process your request, complaints may be
submitted online at You
will need a YouTube account in order to utilize this tool. If you do not
prefer to use the form please re-send an email with all of the required
information in order to process your complaint.

For help with other site-related issues, please visit our Help Center at

The YouTube Team

It seems that there is no safe way of getting a haters copyright strike off of your account. In their own words, they will provide the author of the DMCA complaint with your personal information. So if you do not wish to commit fraud and fake your info, then you are left with giving over your info to a hater or letting them kill off your channel.

This is the link for the information on filing a YouTube DMCA counterclaim:

It includes the following line: "After we receive your counter-notification, we will forward it to the party who submitted the original claim of copyright infringement. Please note that when we forward the counter-notification, it includes your personal information. By submitting a counter-notification, you consent to having your information revealed in this way."

So what is there to be done? Let YouTube break Canadian laws and hand out your information, or let your account die off. It is only YouTube after all, but they still are leaving you with no valid options. They give all the power to the haters.

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