Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 things that tick you off tag

Ten things that tick me off

1 people cutting in the lineup.

2 people that just cant interact properly with others.

3 YouTube always messing things up.

4 That comment word thing on YouTube that most people hate.

5 The fact that after the last update, blogger don't work in Internet Explorer.

6 Bad coffee in a coffee shop no excuse for this.

7 The price of good food is out of this world and junk food is cheap.

8 The price of printer ink. Does it have to cost $60 to replace the cartridges?

9 That Moose Jaw doesn't have clothing in my size; I have to order it in.

10 People who don't want to give equal rights to all people; this also extends to people who want special rights for just their group.

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