Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being Out in Moose Jaw

There is a lot of discrimination in Moose Jaw in regards to the gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered community. There is almost no place for a GBLT person to turn. Coming out of the closet in Moose Jaw can lead you to loose you job or at least be so miserable in it you can not function anymore. Some times they will even make an excuse to fire you when you come out in a community such as this one. As for social interaction there is little to none. Unless you go to the gay bar in Regina, there is almost nothing in regards to social activity. There is a small group that meets here once and a while, but I am always working on the occasions. With a strong “Christian” morality in this city, it is very hard to be accepted by the straight community; So we hide from the world and suppress who we are. Coming out of the closet here can lead to not only the loss of friends and family as well as the loss of a job. Public harassment of openly GBLT members of society in Moose Jaw goes on all the time. The teen population of this city can even be violent towards the GBLT community. I have heard of a number of people being hurt and harassed in the school systems. For us, this is not the friendly city at all some times.

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