Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fighting and yelling at 3AM - then he gets busted...

Well this night started at just after 1AM when I called the cops because they where going from across the hall to upstairs and back all drunk and making a lot of noise. The cops did their usual of almost nothing and it took 4 of them to do nothing. Then he comes home all drunk out of his ass and she and him, and possible her Mom (but not sure) get into it and he gets all violent. I don't think he hurt her, but this is not an acceptable way to deal with people at all! Being a violent aggressive fucktard is not any way to handle anything. The cops came later on after she left the apartment. Then he got all aggressive for them and that did not work for long. The poor little boy gets all up with this, "It hurts" when the cuff his hands. For someone as ready to fight as this one, go figure the complaints about the cuffs. In any event here is some video (no faces at all of them two).

Here is the fight at 3AM keeping me awake. With luck this knob is gone now for good, but I doubt it some how. He was gone before and she had him come back!

Peace and try not to have a bad day.

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