Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From a welfair bumbs view ;-)

You know a lot of people hate food stamps. But I think we need that here - I am on government assistance and I am in a place with a lot of others in the same boat. They do not eat right (some of them) because they get drunk all the time. Food stamps would help stop that practice.

I know what you mean it is amazing how the governments do not seem to get inflation. The food allowance we have is not that much, and the price of food is rising all the time - meanwhile, the allowance for food has not be risen in 7 years.

I and others have been on the governments back to do the right thing for a long time, but they don't seem to be able to listen to reason. I live on $800 a month 50% of this is going to rent right now. I have bills that eat up $170 of it, and that does not leave much left. I have transportation coasts on top to get to my physio and what not. The money I have for me is not much - Fortunately I Get the odd bit of money from art sales and that helps with things some times.

Well now that I ranted - Have a good one :)

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