Friday, November 6, 2009

The hammer of hate strikes two of us hard.

A clone of someone I know on YouTube picked the right time to go after us both. Me and kirneh004 had a bit of an issue with a channel I set up and had a misunderstanding over. That is all settled, but because of the conflict he thought the clone was me. There was another channel PMing me all over the place about kirneh004 and goading me on about "how I should attack him". This channel is still closed, but the clone is still up - or at least when I was doing this blog post. YouTube is not only full of haters, they want to turn us into them as well. I must say that for a while there he almost did turn us both into his kind, at least in respect to each other.

kirneh004 is a good and kind man with a great heart, so to see this knob clone him kind of pisses me off to say the least. You will note that he rated a bunch of kirneh's videos 1 star. You will also note that he added "with hate" to the same background kirneh004 uses.

This is one of those situations that should not have started in the first place (between the two of us) and this knob took the step to drive a wedge in there at just the right time. For the most part, haters do not bother me - but with this communication we had, it made things a lot worse for a time. Fortunately we came to our senses and dealt with it. With luck this will not happen again. No excuse me, I have a contest video to do and a video to remove from my channel.

Now I am getting threats that we are both "going down" - telling me we are both going to be suspended over on YT... Even if he/she does this some how - we can start again...

Peace all :)


  1. Hi, Dave--

    Good post. These kids do one good thing-- they generate views on the videos they troll on. But the bad stuff usually outweighweighs the good.

    The best way I've found to deal with these kids (most of them are unsupervised preteens with access to several computers) is to shut the Complaint Department doors on them.

    And so it goes! :)

  2. All so true :) But this page gets so few views, that I am sure they did not see it LOLS. 87% of my views are on one post - the review of the sushi place.