Sunday, November 15, 2009

letter to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner

This is a letter I sent to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner as a complaint against YouTube for violating the privacy act here in Canada. In it's current form, the DMCA counter claim will send you personal information to a hater that files a fake claim against you. Is a link to the page on YouTube that tells you how to file a counter claim and a DMCA claim. The info from the hater is not sent to you, and if you ask for it - they just tell you this is not a valid DMCA counter claim...

I urge all people in Canada who see this to file a complaint as well. This is a dangerous violation of your rights as a Canadian. With this system the hater gets you booted, or you get hated in your home on the phone at the very least. At worst, you get murdered by a psycho.

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