Sunday, December 6, 2009

DK Sushi House in Moose Jaw

Went to DK Sushi House (224 Main North Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) today for the first time – My friend Dave paid as a present to me. The experience was quite good and so was the food. I don’t know this stuff from nothing, but I know what I like and I loved this. The best was the Eel and the Octopus for sure. The clam was a bit tough, but full of flavor. Red Tuna has a great texture and taste. Shrimp was divine. White Tuna was a nice light taste and good texture. The Red Snapper was a bit tough, but flavorful and who does not like Salmon. The starters or Miso Soup and Salad where very good, as the Soup has a unique and light taste that can not quite be compared to anything else I have had. The Salad had the nicest dressing on it and was light and well presented. This reminds me, that the Sashimi Combo came out on this clay boat on a bed of shaved carrots and was served with Wasabi and Pickled Ginger. Now the Wasabi is not real, as it is hard to import and all, but tastes much the same and was blazing hot. All in all this was a dining experience well worth the time and price. Mine came to $19.99 by the way, but is a lot of great food for the price.

The only caution I may give people here is, if you are used to a pile of food for the money you will not get that here. The portions are light and the experience is geared to flavor not filling you up all the way. So if you get over that, you will do fine there. Still I don’t know how well they will do in Moose Jaw, but I do hope they last a long time.

I had the Sashimi Combo (D6)
3ps Salmon
3ps White Tuna
2Ps Red Snapper
2ps Shrimp
2ps Clam
2ps Red Tuna
2ps BBQ Eel
2ps Octopus
Comes with Miso Soup, Salad and Rice

(Was down as of the last time I looked) is their web page if you want to look them up.

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