Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another day in the mini hood...

Well yesterday (Friday Feb. 13, 2010) we got the locks changed in the building. All of the locks. Now the front door will be locked 24/7 and the laundry rooms need a key to open them. First I must say that is all and well, but how do I get a package delivered now? The postal people can get in (so I am told) but the currier can’t. So being that I am unlisted, how do they get hold of me to let me know it is at the drop spot on Main? Ho hum.

So food deliveries I will have to limp down the stairs to let them in and so on. Friends can no longer just drop in, as the door is locked 24/7. I can go on and on, but won’t.

So you see the photo of my door on this post. This is how they left it for over 30 minutes. I am so glad I was home, as anyone could have come in and taken anything. How silly was that. Totally unprofessional. I can get over the front door thing, as I think it is a good idea anyways, but this was just wrong.

As well there is other things that I wish they would do first, like fix the ventilation on this floor. After all it is a code violation and all that. I have informed them about it, and was told it would be some time. I have an allergy to scented products, and the person across the hall from me keeps on using the hell out of them. Even her shampoo is scented and bothers me to some extent. I had a life threatening experience with it one day and had to be hospitalized. I informed the building manager of this, and he did not seem to understand the term “could die” – oh well what can I expect I guess. After all we are just poor people and we all know the poor don’t matter; in fact the more impoverished one is, the less they matter. As well the disabled do not matter in out perfect world, no matter how much we pretend to cater to them. And being both poor and disabled I guess I am disposable.

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