Friday, February 26, 2010

Got a reply form Canada Post on the mail delivery (kind of)...

Ok three posts back I talked about the fact we got a note telling us the mail is cut off. For one thing he delivered the next day, so I have no idea what the heck is going on... But I filed a complaint with the post office. This is their response.

Well all I can tell you is I know many people who have had complaints about not getting proper service and they all went to the same thing. They just hand it over to the local P.O. to look at and they justify the postal workers lack of doing his/her job. It is always mazing to see how they do this.

For example I am 6 foot tall and over 400lbs. I am very very large and I can fit threw a womans arch she has at the gate to her property with no problems. The postal worker looked at it with all them green leafy things on it and ran the other way. They stopped delivering to her and she filed a complaint with the same people I just did. They looked at it and said, "yep it is a hazard" and no mail for her.

I just read a comment on my video about a man who has a tinny dog and his postal worker would not come in the yard with this powder puff running around in it. What can you say about that one? People.

I had a letter crumpled up and torn in half once time. This was an important letter. I took it down to the postal office and talked to the supervisor. He told me it was the fault of the mail box. What they hell do you mean the mail box? But he insisted it was the boxes fault, not the postal workers. All I can say is a post box can not crumple up a letter and rip it in half, only the worker can.

There was a time (and I have video) when a worker left a package at the front door of the building where anyone can take it. I took it to the person it was addressed to. All I can say is he/she did not want to go up the stairs, the same stairs I climb every day and I am disabled. I manage some how.

The amount of times I was home and got a notice in my box that I was not home and they could not deliver a package is uncountable. Many people I know have the same story to tell, and they live in a house. They had to come to their door to put in the notice, but did not ring the bell.

All of these complaints have gone unanswered in any amenable fashion. They always side with the postal worker. So I can see that it will be yet another useless wast of time and effort.

Peace :)

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