Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mail delivery has been cut off.

Ok we just got our mail cut off. Zarkor's manager for our building insists on having the front door locked all the time and there is no buzzer. So no mail will be delivered.

Below is an email I sent to the building manager (Warren):

Ok this is not acceptable at all. This situation needs to be fixed and soon. We have the right to expect mail delivery. I for one can not get to the post office, as I can not walk that far being disabled. As well a cab there and back would be $10 once a week to pick up mail would be $30 to $40 a month. This is too much money to be expected to pay out. I am trying to be a nice person here and give you the benefit of doubt. But it seems that little is being done to accommodate us in this matter. There are other, stronger, options in regards to our rights that can be pursued and I would not like to have to do that, but will tell you I will if I have to. I get mail I need to receive in order to get my disability allowance to help cover the rent.
Dave Nicholson.
(Address and contact info not shown)

Not only is the mail thing not right at all, how about this:

So I must ask myself, if I call 911 at 3am and am in serious need of medical attention, how does the ambulance people get in the building? And being that the person with a key to my apartment is in another city, how do the enter the apartment? I guess they would need to break both the front door and my door down. Again, if I am calling 911 with someone trying to kill me - how do the cops get in the building? As well my privacy is invaded, as I need to give my unlisted phone number to people in order to get deliveries. After all, there is no buzzer.

The sadist thing here is that Warren (the building manager) was told this was going to happen. He told us, "we will give them a key and if they don't like it too bad". I also remember the first letter posted on the wall at the entrance by Zarkor - it ended with, "we look forward to meeting your needs". Sure looks like it to me at this point.

* Info you may want if you live in a Zarkor owned building:

Application for Claim under The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006:

Mail it to:
Office of Residential Tenancies
120 - 2151 Scarth Street,
Regina, S4P 2H8

Building managers email for the Slade: (Warren)
Phone number: 1-306-527-2370

Zarkor property managment email: (Leslie)

Contact person at Residential Tenancies: (Dale Beck)

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  1. Like the rent was not enough of a blow to us. Now no mail! I think they want to clear the building out for re-development.

  2. The lack of desire to work on behalf of the postal employees is always interesting. How many times have I herd a story like this.

    But I must ask, have they given him a key? Or do they just want everyone to move out? It would not be the first time that some shady business stooped to such a level in order to redevelop a building.