Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alphabet Tag 1 (Ham Radio)

(Amateur Radio Terms Alphabet 1 or 3)

A is for Azimuth Rotor. (a type of antenna movement rotor)
B is for Balun Coil. (to match impedance form one thing to another)
C is for Choke. (a type of filter)
D is for DX. (stands for distant transitions)
E is for Electronics. (if it dont have this, it is not a radio LOL)
F is for Ferrite Bead. (tames electric interference in whirs and antenna cables)
G is for GPS. (just like in your car, but deals with numbers for a map location)
H is for HDX (half duplex).
I is for Icom. (a manufacturer or radio equipment)
J is for J Pole. (a modified zepp antenna yes I know this tells you nothing)
K is for Keys. (to send Morse Code)
L is for License. (you will need one of these)
M is for Morse Code. (a type of binary communication)
N is for Nets. (like a chat room, but on the air)
O is for Operator. (the ham)
P is for Phonetic Alphabet. (so it is more understandable spelling something out)
Q is for QSL Card. (info on you sent to a contact you made)
R is for Radio. (what we talk on)
S is for Swap Meets. (a place to sell and trade parts and equipment)
T is for Towers. (where we put the antennas)
U is for UHF. (ultra high frequency)
V is for VHF. (very high frequency)
W is for Wire Antenna. (nothing more simple, just figure the length for center of the band and cut)
X is for XFMR (transmitter)
Y is for Yagi Antenna. (medium to high gain antenna that is easy to make)
Z is for Zulu Time (universal standard time)

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