Monday, March 22, 2010

And then the Hospital gives me an Infection or 3!

So I got an infection in my incision. And in the IV sight from the operating room. I was unaware and got sick from it, so I went to the hospital again and then gave me an IV to pump me full of drugs for the infection. Guess what? The IV sight on the other hand got infected even worse than the left hand.

So now I have two very sore wrists (the right one way more so) and an infected belly button. So they hocked me up to an IV again – this time in the left arm – and pumped me full of a tone of drugs. Now I am taking some pills for the next 10 days. With luck this will fix it. After all, I think that there is a chance of them treating me to death in this hospital of ours.

When I was getting the treatment this last time around, the nurse dropped something on the floor and picked it up. She did not change her gloves, thus ending the “Clean Field”. As well I was reading that they should be using two different types of stuff to clean the sight before you get the IV. First an alcohol swab for 30 seconds, then something I can’t remember the name of for 30 seconds. In all cases they took an alcohol swab for 5 seconds at best. As well on at least the one occasion, I saw them make contact with the IV as it was going into my skin. Serial incompetence or just lazy, I am not sure.

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