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Two Min digital Painting

Multiplex AC Lift

Post #160 How much my meds are...

Just because I never noticed that it comes to $222.22. You see I don't pay for it as I am disabled...

Cops Suck And Popcorn Fun

When Out For Coffee

Kids Day In The Park

Strange For A Grave

Mocking the Spam Bot for the LOLS

Image For the original of this - you too can mock the spam bot...
Darn - I called, and I hope they get to fixing this for me soon - it is hard to download or watch videos with this popping up... And my cable is from the same provider... So it is freaking out even more than the internet is... Sigh... If you would only see the wire that it is coming into my apartment on... Oh well... Being trained in Electronic repair and Radio communications - I can tell you this wire is not the right one for the job - but back when this building was built, it was fine as they just had simple phones then - nothing special and no internet...

Canada Day fireworks Moose Jaw July 01, 2010

Rain Storm July 01, 2010 Moose Jaw

Lightning July 01, 2010 Moose Jaw


You can see the paved path behind the guard rail... This is where they should be...


Geting Rid Of Some Documents

Dale Backing Up From Jade Garden