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Pain, Family and Love

It is amazing how little people are able to handle the topic of I am in a lot of pain. I recently did a vlog on how I was in a lot of pain and I got messed with once again by disability. This was on Christmas Eve when I posted it by the way. I was almost mad with pain it hurt so much. I got almost no response at all. What I did get was a PM from the owner asking me to take the video down as I used the term, "Merry Fucking Christmas" in it. He I am sure was offended being that he is deeply religious and all. He almost became a Catholic Priest once you know. I took it down, but not because he was offended – but because I was over the top and did not want to be seen that way on this particular site.

It often comes down to the fact that a lot of people cannot seem to handle being told things they can’t relate to. They become very put off at times by this as well. It is not like they don’t have any sympathy for you, it is just they have no way to understand it and they fear it hap…

Something Short.

I can very much relate to the longing for being something you are not and to want nothing more than a silent lonely death. But I overcame and am now what I thought I had lost. I found hope inside - deep inside. Now I wish nothing less than to give this gift to others.

Peace and Love - Dave.

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