Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ear pain and the lot...

So I had a lot of pain in my ears. The right one was the worst. I got these drops that where recommended to me and put them in. Turns out they make the wax in your ears expand. So I could not hear anything at all from the left side and the right only a little. I freaked out at this and went to the hospital. He looked at it and told me my ears where completely plugged with wax and he could not help me there. I called the doctor and they told me to use some drops for 3 days then come in – well they gave me the 24th as the day to come in. This was too long, so I did the drops and went to a walk in clinic. The doctor there flushed my ears and a quarter inch long plug of wax came out of both sides. You see I had never had them flushed before and I had been using q-tips on them for a very long time until I found out not to use them. But it was too late by this time. This is the night after the day I got them flushed and I can hear well, but they still hurt – the right one the worst still. I am going in on Monday the 24th to see my regular doctor to get him to fill out a form I need once a year for disability. I think I will have him look at them once again and see what he has to say about them.

Other than that I have had some pain in my back for the longest time and there is no way I can be that does not hurt my back. It is not great pain, but annoying all the same. My knee that God has not hurt me for the longest time unless I sit for too long in one spot and don’t get up. As for finding a new Doctor as I don’t like this one, I guess that is out of the question as there is no one taking new people. Sigh, so I am stuck with someone who does not know the meaning of the word pain. Sigh. So that has been my last week or two in a nutshell.

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