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Privacy Issue from the Hospital

So got this in the mail on Feb 25th 2011. It is a survey from the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. That's cool, and I will fill it out and send it in. The only thing is, it came from a company in Ontario, not the hospital.

So tell my why they gave my name and some of my heath information to a company in Ontario? There is this thing called the privacy act here in Canada. It keeps them from doing things like this... Sigh...

Now I am not one to care who know what about me, but this is something that a lot of people would be angry with if the realized it happening. I think I just may get hold of my MLA and ask her why the heck this happened...

Oh well what can you expect I guess? This is the same place that called Mom to tell her she had a CT scan coming up when she was not yet home from the hospital. Then the woman on the phone got all bitchy with Mom for missing the appointment she knew nothing about. How silly is that? First you have to know that Mom has no voice mail and all that show up on…

Storm Jan 17, 2011

4X4 In The Snow In Saskatchewan

This is out at the road to the scout camp here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Can you say stupid person?

So these are posted anonymously of course. Oh look my 10 year old YouTube stalker found my blog. Oh now LOL. Removed them from the original posts but they will live on here as a testament on how people need to prove how stupid they are. The second one tells it all – Just look at that one and you can tell this is trash at best LOL. As I sit here trying not to fall off my chair laughing I but this person with the mind of a 10 year old thinks he is getting the better of me. OMG LOL. You have just made so many people laugh at you ignorant and underdeveloped you are that it is funny as hell. Please do post more and remember to hide behind a computer monitor as you have no balls to show your face. When you said you had a wife there were tears rolling down my eyes I laughed so hard. Holly shit you made my day.

Hugs love and rainbows there little kid.

Mom is back in the hospital

Well Mom is back in the hospital and not doing too bad, but still not in great shape. She may have had a small heart attack and her COPD is getting worse. This may be the time to face some hard options for the both of us. She does not want to be in a care facility and I don't want her to be as well; but the situation may be to that point.

My strongest wish is that she is able to get well enough to be on her own again, but I just don't know at this time. It is hard for me to take care of her and I can't do many things that may need to be done.

Peace, Love and Prayers - Dave.

Mom is Home but a bit confused

Positive Response from the hospital