Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can you say stupid person?

So these are posted anonymously of course. Oh look my 10 year old YouTube stalker found my blog. Oh now LOL. Removed them from the original posts but they will live on here as a testament on how people need to prove how stupid they are. The second one tells it all – Just look at that one and you can tell this is trash at best LOL. As I sit here trying not to fall off my chair laughing I but this person with the mind of a 10 year old thinks he is getting the better of me. OMG LOL. You have just made so many people laugh at you ignorant and underdeveloped you are that it is funny as hell. Please do post more and remember to hide behind a computer monitor as you have no balls to show your face. When you said you had a wife there were tears rolling down my eyes I laughed so hard. Holly shit you made my day.

Hugs love and rainbows there little kid.


  1. tell him to suck your dick if he likes to talk about dick so much!!