Saturday, February 26, 2011

Privacy Issue from the Hospital

So got this in the mail on Feb 25th 2011. It is a survey from the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. That's cool, and I will fill it out and send it in. The only thing is, it came from a company in Ontario, not the hospital.

So tell my why they gave my name and some of my heath information to a company in Ontario? There is this thing called the privacy act here in Canada. It keeps them from doing things like this... Sigh...

Now I am not one to care who know what about me, but this is something that a lot of people would be angry with if the realized it happening. I think I just may get hold of my MLA and ask her why the heck this happened...

Oh well what can you expect I guess? This is the same place that called Mom to tell her she had a CT scan coming up when she was not yet home from the hospital. Then the woman on the phone got all bitchy with Mom for missing the appointment she knew nothing about. How silly is that? First you have to know that Mom has no voice mail and all that show up on her phone is the number for the switchboard when someone calls from the hospital. So how the hell is she supposed to know who called? As well they gave her nothing at the hospital to say this was to happen. Oh man - what next? The things that have disappointed me about the Moose Jaw Union Hospital in this last while are too many to list.


  1. haha I already saw your address! Now he's trying to hide it! LOL!! Write to them! Or call them and say WTF?

  2. Only after I messed up and posted it on FB LOL...