Monday, March 7, 2011

The Police Where Here Again...

Once again the police came to knock on the door of apartment #21. In the past month and a half the cops have been here quite a lot looking for him. I so with they had booted him out the time he was yelling and screaming in the halls that night. His personality seems to be one of someone who is deeply disturbed. When he was so drunk and loud that night, the manager was talking with him and he was all over the place emotionally. First he was mild and meek then he was loud and aggressive. Later he was completely out of control and threatening. Several people heard him make a threat to me that night and I recorded it – you can find that 2 posts back from this one.

We pay a lot of money to be here and they want people to think it is a nice building to stay in. For the most part this is true. No one else in here has a problem with anyone. But #21 is the odd man out. He seems to think that intimidation and violence solves problems instead of making new ones. He does not belong and the sooner he is out of here the better.

One of the others on my floor tells me he is up on charges from getting in a fight in Swift Current. I can imagine this to be true very easily. His mannerisms are that of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum when he does not get his way. He needs to be out of here and away from the good folks that live in this building if you ask me. It is always trouble to mix quiet good people and someone who is aggressive, out of control and loud.

This time the cops came because he did not show up for work and they were worried about his safety. Why all the other times where they here for him though? Also I am wondering how stable a person he is, if he keeps getting into trouble like this and acting in such an erratic manner. The threat from his downright criminal minded manner is obvious to all of us. I am a big man but do not like violence. Perhaps I could hold my own, but I am disabled and this is most likely not the case. What of the little old ladies that live here like my mother? They are in their 70’s and 80’s and can’t stand up to someone like this. They would be to say the least injured by his attack. None of us need this in our lives. Just the thought of a violent and out of control person in our midsts is off putting too many of us.


  1. WOW Dave, so sorry to hear that this man is still causing a fuss. I will pray for him and the whole situation to be resolved as fast as possible with as little of a problem as possible too. It is very hard to deal with people who have issues and do not deal with them therefore forcing others to be exposed and involved against their will. HUGS to you and blessings!

  2. Say There

    Since the occupant of apartment #21 is such a detriment to the other residents,it is at least comforting to know that the police are on to him...I know that they seem to be taking their sweet time and all,but perhaps in the end,the proper recourses will be taken...keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. Thanks Max and Peggy. Yes it is sad that we all have to deal with a person who is off his head. But this is the way of the system these days.

  4. talk to the manager! Tell him you've had it with the noise!! And all the banging!! And the personal threats! And how you feel for the safety of your mother!!

  5. A lot of us talked to him about it - the problem is the owner. He want's money and does not care much I think. With luck the next time he acts up he will be out of here. He know how pissed we all are about the last time he went nuts in the halls...

  6. So sorry that this is an ongoing problem you have no control over really stinks! And like you say people like this are a danger to others, especially people who are more vulnerable like the other tenants. Seriously bothers me that the police would show up there on account of his employer worrying about HIS safety.......but why aren't they worried enough about ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE(yourself included)in the building's safety?! It's awful. The only thing I can think of is there must be some loophole keeping the law from doing something more about him...yet....but it's the "yet" that is also worrying isn't it?......(((((((Dave)))))))

  7. He is going to court soon - but nothing will be done most likely other than probation. I am thinking he most likely already is on that though :( It's all up to the owner to boot him out and he did not do that even with all these people complaining. I am sure the next time is the last time though. Or at least I hope so. Hugs.