Friday, April 29, 2011

Not A Grate Day.

Well I don't know what brings this stuff on but I would like to know... Mom and I went to the eye doctor to get get eyes looked at. By the time we where out of there the pain was getting bad. I popped 2 T3's and it kind of did something. So we went over for supper and by the time we where done there it was massive pain. Man mom was having trouble breathing so she went to sit down and I stood in line to get a pie at the store (the cafe is in the basement of the store) and people where asking me if I was OK or not... By the time I got to sit by Mom on the bench I was almost passing out. So I call a cab and it is a mini van... Sigh... It is hard as hell for me to get in and out of these things as Mom needs to be in the front seat. Oh man, I guess T3's are candy - they don't do anything much for me. I see the doctor again on the 4th and I am going to ask that this be investigated. I am fine some days and others it is indescribable pain.

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