Monday, May 16, 2011


Lazy Cabbage Rolls

2 cups Jasmine Rice.
1 Large Yellow Onion chopped.
1 Medium Cabbage chopped.
1 Package Bacon
1 lb Lean Ground Beef.
2L can of Tomato Juice.
Salt, Fresh Pepper, Franks hot or extra hot to taste.

Cook diced bacon half way, then add beef. Brown nicely then drain most of the fat but leave some in. Add rice, Cabbage, Onion, Spices and tomato juice. Simmer till rice is cooked well and cabbage is done (this will be different times depending on how you like the cabbage).

Driving North On 9th N.W.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Got to be wondering

Got to be wondering how many times I need to listen to someone yell and bang around. Got to be wondering why this does not seem to matter to the owner of the building. Got to be wondering how insane the person I am listening to is. Got to be wondering why he is always so angry and violent. Got to be wondering if I will ever be away from people like this. It seems I will always be listening to some nut job or a bunch of drunken good for nothing punks that just want to party all night. For 10 years I have had this in my life and now that I am in a supposed better class of building, I have to wonder why I am listening to it. My biggest thought is what is his malfunction, why all the anger and all the violent tendencies? I do not understand why people want to stay mad all the time. It is much more easy to be happy as it takes far less energy. He spent a lot of time slamming the door today, must have been 8 times in a row. Now the yelling and the banging on the walls. Never peace I guess in a way – it’s good I have peace of mind. The peace that comes only from God.