Better off without you :)

(Just found this but-hurt rant - thought I would post it)

So you're the defender of free speech are you? So why is it you get bent out of shape when someone says something you don't like? Why do you let people jump all over others when it is you job to make sure that does not happen?

Well I am at it, what makes you think it is OK to stuff your cane in a woman's vagina till you make her bleed? Then you brag about this disturbing act. Man you need to learn some respect. I don't care if she wanted this or not, grow up and think what you could be doing to her.

How many have called you friend only to have you turn your back on them when they do not bend to your petty will? How often has the thought of violence turned you on in such a dark manner? Who are you to judge what people say when you cry free speech?

You're not a man; you're an aggressive child in a man's body. You're the one thing in this land that keeps us from peace and understanding. You're what is wrong with the situation.

Have a nice life with your vale of power. Have a nice life with your destructive ways. Have a nice life with others blood on your hands.

The world is a better place without your kind. The birds sing more clear now that you're not around. The sky is sunnier now that you went away.

Peace I wish you, but I know you will never know what that is.


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