Friday, June 10, 2011

Try to find the funny in those who used to annoy the crap out of you

Some people just never know their limitations intellectually. These same folks tend to think they know the answers to everything. My mind is filled with examples of this behavior in real life and online. Online being like real life, only amplified in all aspects. But that is off topic a bit.
So I am out at Smitty’s on the north service road having coffee with my friend Dale. He is as always talking about his job and how it sucks and how there are all too many people driving that need to be off the road. This is normal for most truckers though. But then half way through these two men sit in the both behind me and start to talk. At this time Dale is eating his supper and our conversation is on hold. So the guy right behind me starts to talk about someone called “Dave” that is on the dole and how he “says he is disabled”. He goes on to talk about him having knee problems and so on. Being this has a definite parallel to my life, I start to wonder how this guy knows me and why he sat behind me to say this stuff – further I am wondering if he is “messing with me”. Well just at this point he mentions knee surgery and I now know he is not talking about me. Go figure, me off all people think someone is talking about them. LOL. The guy starts telling the other person that this guy has been on welfare for 10 years and wants to be on “permanent disability”. Then he says, “But if that happens he will have to pay back all the money to welfare”.
You know disability is a complex issue and I know someone on permanent disability with the federal folks. He became disables on the job and thus was granted this pleasure. Most of the people who are disabled are on welfare as they are the ones that look after the ones that are not covered by workman’s comp. Now I have looked for ways of getting more money out of the system in any legal manner. There is no way to go from the provincial layer to the federal layer or you would not qualify for the provincial layer. There are also two levels to the province wide coverage. There is the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) and there is the normal welfare disability. The majority of people on disability are on the second one. It is hard to get on the SAID program as you have to be very messed up physically or mentally to qualify and need to be in a care home. You can be disabled to the point it is impossible to hold work and still not qualify for SAID. More than 70% of people on assistance in Saskatchewan are disabled and will never be off assistance until they get old enough for the Guaranteed Income Supplement.
So it is in fact impossible to go from welfare to “federal disability” and if you could by some miracle, then you would not have to pay back the welfare money as it would not be paid retroactively on the federal level. This alone proves that the fellow behind me is lacking in understanding but wants to be seen as a fountain of information.
Then comes the second part. Game 5 of the Stanly Cup Finals is on in the background and the other one asks is he thinks Vancouver will take the cup. So he explains how that it is all “rigged and the outcome is decided before the season starts”. His explanation pivots on the fact that “there is too much money in the game for it not to be rigged”. Well I am not going to ever start with how silly this is.
Round three comes into play. He mentions posting on the Moose Jaw Forum and mentions a post he put on this last while. So I looked it up and sure enough all the crap he spouts on there is to hear himself type and try and look big. Oh man this fits the profile of the average heavy poster on the Forum. This is one of the many reasons I have not been on there in many months now. While I was looking around I noticed that nothing has changed and fact or reality has no meaning to many of them. I am so glad that I am not part of that so called community anymore. It drags you down mentally and morally. But then the vast majority of forums do. I have been on Christian forums that have degenerated into stupidity and arguments as well. It is the way of a forum. As all forums, the local one has a moderator that sees himself as a god and this time has the name to match. LOLS. Personal relations got me temporally punted from that forum and even know now I can post, I have no desire to do so.
With apologies for the above diversion, I can say that folks of this man’s nature are all the same. They even have the same speech patterns for some reason (for the most part). As soon as they start to talk, the tone of voice can give them away before their words do. Maybe it is a conspiracy that conspiracy folks talk similar to each other. Oh heck this was too much fun to write.
These days all I want to do is share some kind words with people in a friendly online community like Annex Cafe and be supportive when I can. I get so much more out of this than trying to be a political war hero on some site that is half way to anarchy. Even on YouTube I tend to rant only with a humorous nature to them that should be obvious to many. The hypocrisy of the majority of the rants shows threw in spades. I always leave comments on videos and I always have something good to say. If I can’t say something good I don’t comment. Being there for someone when they need someone to reach for them is its own reward and can’t be matched arguing or proving your right.
Huggles and prayers all. Love and Light always. And try to find the funny in those who used to annoy the crap out of you.

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