Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't push your atheism on me.

And they say Christians are pushing what they believe on them. But this would not be pushing what you believe on us now would it? Time to grow up and stop vandalizing peoples property to try and make a statement that only 1 or 2 will notice; To top it off they just pass you off as a 9 year old punk with no brains. I so wish people would still spank their children for doing things like this. Instead that say, "what can I do a bout it" to the cops when they bring little but head home at 3am. I bet I know at least one site this little shit hangs out on... Sigh...

If God has never spoken to you, you have never stopped talking long enough to listen to him. If your prayers for a new Xbox are not answered, that does not mean he is not listening to you. My prayers for the content pain I am in to stop have not been answered in the way I wanted. But I have come to know it is for the best, as it makes me a good witness to God and has made me love people more than if I was not in pain. Some times the answer is no; just because your parents have never said that to you, does not mean it can't happen from someone who is responsible.

I hope for your sake that one day you will open you mind and not your mouth, then you may see what is in the realm of the possible and understand us. By the way, you don't need a book to tell you to hate - all you need is a spray can.

And yes little stalker boy I know what your going to say if you comment on this. Your obvious as well.


  1. Thanks Dawn. They just never see that they are what they speak out against.