Tuesday, August 30, 2011

State of the Building Report...

So on Sunday the 28th of August, 2011 there is this sound of a crash and then yelling. It’s the guy in 21 and his company. This is time number two that this has happened. The last time he did not even think he did anything. So no surprise when he blamed this one on his girlfriend and her friend. The last time I called the cops and he made a threat to me, “If I see you in the hall your toast”. So I called threw the wall in response, “I will be out there in 10 seconds”. He never came out. I have that all on recording by the way.

This time I did not bother with the cops. They were of no use the last time and well many other times I and others called them – So why bother. But I am told that he is getting the boot. I sure hope so - and soon I hope. But more than likely it will be after the rent is paid for next month. You see if you boot someone with cause you don’t have to refund any rent for the time they are not in the apartment. This sounds all too much like something the owner would do.

All in all it’s just another day in the building. Now if we could just get half the people to stop slamming the doors all the time. This one person gives it a good hard bang when they come home from work. Must be a sucking kind of job. Oh well then there is next door on the other side of me that keeps going in and out all day and night and then running water in the bathroom two hundred times a day for a second or two. Makes me wonder if they are up to no good, or something. Come to think of it, their little biker friend that was revving the shit out of his loud ass bike was over to play – then poof a $2500 bike goes missing in the building. Hmmm...

All I can say is I wish I could win the lotto and get the hell out of here and take Mom with me. She does not deserve to be in a place as hot as hers. There is no AC on the ground floor after all. Sigh. Well at least I know there is a reward one day. That is when I am dead and off this world. God is with me in this walk of life and always will be.

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