Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Top Of It All

So I found myself needing refills on my prescriptions and having no refills. This is to say, I needed them to get the doctor to fax in refills for me. This was Friday and he did not fax. So I was out and they gave me 3 days so that on Monday perhaps the job we expect a doctor to do will be done. Nope did not happen so now they have faxed him again and this time making sure he knows it’s urgent. I am not out of my medication that I desperately need. I can only hope that today after not having any last night or this morning, he had done his job and faxed it in. But I am not hopeful of this at all. He is the worst doctor I have ever dealt with. Sad thing is I have changed back to my old doctor after he was ascent for a while. I have not gotten him to take over the prescriptions though. This is something that may take a week or two to get done as it takes that long to get to see him. By then I just may be in a very bade state. To top it off my Mother is in another city in the hospital and gravely ill. She may or may not make it out of the hospital and has heart problems and a MRSA infection. This is why I did not give the usual amount of time to get this settled as I always have in the past. But when I came to the counter I got attitude from the unthinking and uncaring pharmacist. To pretend you know why after a long time of doing it the right way, I am not doing it the right way – is to say the least stupid. It never ceases to amaze me how little some of the so called educated people understand the world around them. Now I have two big things to worry about, my Mom and my meds. Thank you so much to two people for not thinking past your limited scope and doing the worst job possible. Now someone tell me what I switched from Coop to Safeway for my drugs?

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