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Photo Desktops

Here are some desktops for ya :) Standard then Wide formats...

An August Day In Photos


A Walk Is Not Always Good For Ya

This is what happened to Mom when someone did not think first. The person took off some tape on her arm and ripped a rather large piece out of her skin. There is an open wound there now. It also ripped down from where you see here to the far side. Like she does not have enough to worry about with stage 4 lung cancer.
She recently had a blood transfusion as well. This is due to the chemo killing off the hemoglobin in her body. She will need more in the future as well I am sure. All they can do now is try to get her to live longer. There is no hope of surviving this. We where told that the times they where treating her for lung infections it was actually cancer. There is no way to tell if she would have made it threw this if they knew sooner and I am not going to play that game. I need to concentrate on making her remaining time as good as it can be and not fighting a loosing battle with a fatally flawed system.
She smoked for 40 years or more and there is no wonder why this is happeni…