Friday, November 18, 2011

Not so annual review.

Note the date sent out in the first image. This is something that is sent out every 12 months. Well in this case 10 months... Also note how long I have to see a doctor and get back to them before my benefits are messed with. Being that I got this on my birthday is even more of a pleasure. Lets get back to the time frame shall we? Now I get my pay on the 28'th of this month this is due on the 1st. that means that in theory they can delay my benefits until after my rent is due. Think about that, also think why this was not sent out a lot sooner. Also think about how long it takes to see a doctor in this town when we are very low on doctors. Most people take at least 3 weeks to see a doctor. This is a good thing I could beg to get in on time. After all my doctor needs to fill in a form for them. I will be asking why this is being sent now instead of at the end of Dec. like it was last year. Oh yeah... The year before that it was sent in February. What the heck is going on here and how much did it cause the government to change things? Seems there is a lot of money being spent on this paperwork in in endless waves and not too much being spent on the clients. At best this was a not so well handled event and at worst harassment - but I think very much the first one. I also notice that the quality of paper has gone up since last year. How much did that take from the people that are supposed to be served here?

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