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In Time

In Time
David S. Nicholson Jan 19, 2012

The years roll on and the folly and joy of youth are exchanged with the experience and pain of age. Those we loved and knew drift away or pass on. We find new friends and new ways to love, laugh and cry. A lifetime of hope, dreams and fears end with a time of great pain and the long dark night. In a lifetime after ours no one will know who you are, even if they heard or read about you. All of what you have is lost to the four winds. All the memories you treasured are gone forever. There is new life and it is just as yours was, a glimpse at a vast picture. In many life times nothing of your world will remain. In time not even mankind will exist. In time there are no more memories to be had.

Am I Still The Devil? LOL

Wonder if I am still the devil in someones broken head for saying ,"hugs" when he was having a bad day?

Well I expected more for post #300 but there we are...

It's impossible to describe

It's impossible to describe - I thought I knew what it was like when others told me. But there is no way to know and I hope you never know. I am so worried that I will not be able to leave her alone at home. Her mind is oh so out of it. She tells me things that are impossible to have happened and she sees things all the time. Some not so nice. It's to say the least a worse fear than cancer or death. I know how bad it is to see and hear things that are not real as it has happened to me. I will never have a time that I do not hear voices in my head or people talking about me. I am fine with it and it does not bother me. But to see her having this happen and she cannot understand it is not real hurts me worse than any pain I have ever had.

What About The Poor

A lack of humanity is a waste of resources and the way to cause civil war. People will only be pushed so far until they push back. Human rights are ignored and the poor die for it. Government serves the rich and forgets about the rest.

Sushi House LOL

Those Last Few Moments

You may have more money than anyone else. You may have the admiration of millions of people. You may be able to get what you want with a word; anything you want is yours. But in those last few moments, you have nothing and you are alone. You pass and nothing comes with you. You pass and you become nothingness.
You have nothing but your faith. More people hate you than will talk to you. You don’t know where your next meal is. You are cold in the night. But in those last few moments, you have everything and you are not alone. You pass and you see the glory of eternal peace. You pass and are with those gone before you and you know his glory.