Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's impossible to describe

It's impossible to describe - I thought I knew what it was like when others told me. But there is no way to know and I hope you never know. I am so worried that I will not be able to leave her alone at home. Her mind is oh so out of it. She tells me things that are impossible to have happened and she sees things all the time. Some not so nice. It's to say the least a worse fear than cancer or death. I know how bad it is to see and hear things that are not real as it has happened to me. I will never have a time that I do not hear voices in my head or people talking about me. I am fine with it and it does not bother me. But to see her having this happen and she cannot understand it is not real hurts me worse than any pain I have ever had.


  1. It is the worst when the mind goes, people change they are no longer the person you knew :(

  2. It is she changed over night. There is no way I know to tell it how it is.