Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sigh - way to state the obvious...

Sigh - The education system has failed us I think. Gone are the days when people could come up with something interesting to say in a bad way. Oh well... We live in an age of non thinkers who waste their lives online or playing games. Oh wait - I spend 4 hours a day online... Never mind...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strange Object.

This is from the 24th of May 2012. There was something the size of a golf ball flying around randomly very fast. This is the photo of it. All I could see is a black blue darting about. No idea what it was - when I say fast - I mean very fast. By the way if your local - it was out by what was Noels Motel, I don't remember the new name of the place. Yeppers the classic blurry photo... Still don't have a clue what it was - when I went to video mode it vanished. Size could be different as well as I don't quite know how far it was from me - it never went below the hill...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some Mandelbulb3D Art.

Mandelbulb3D 1.79 all from the same parent set of parameters. Lighting is custom and I used a map on all but #4. #5 is the same as #3 just with Julia mode set and standard mid points.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Blinded by the bull shit, some will attack. Others will just stand there and ignore the obvious...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wally World Parking And Other Tales...

 Parked in the travel part of the road...
 2 Parked in the fire lane...
And another parked in the fire lane...

All here in little old Moose Jaw. It is amazing how many people also park in the handicapped spots with no placard to do so. Then there is the hordes of 20 and below ages that borrow Grandmas' car and park in the handicapped spots - it's still a ticket for you can Grandma can lose her placard for letting you use it. I get a lot of people almost running me over when I walk over to the co-op here as well... Sigh... They don't tend to look behind them when they pull out, they just pull out. It is a wonder that there is not a crash every other hour or so there. I was actually hit and knocked down once. I had to roll out of the way even though I mad a hell of a sound against the back of the min-van. People where waving and yelling... The old fella did not know any of us where there. What can I say. People think of themselves and nothing else. Parking in a fire lane, the middle of the road, thee feet from the curb and just not caring what is going on around them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

YouTube Playground.

Stating the obvious is not a burn. Calling a 430lb man fatty is like pointing at a wall wan saying wall. It’s like going up to someone dressed in yellow and saying yellow. Oh I long for the days of intelligent people who knew how to give a good burn and it was always funny. The other thing is spelling something wrong just to look cool is so stupid. This only shows that you can’t be original for one moment and have no creativity at all. Then there are the masses of kids on YouTube who will take someone else’s video and post it to try and get, “a popular video”. Sigh – the only thing less intelligent is the hoard of comments saying the video is stolen. YouTube is the playground of the foolish who will set their hair on fire to be “famous”. It is also the playground of those who will post random crap on random videos to try and get the attention they will never have in real life. Yes real life. There is the rub. For the majority of YouTube users’ real life is online and not in the world they have never seen. To go and see the flowers in the park would be a waste of time as they would not know that they are seeing a miracle.

But then there is the vloggers who share their lives and support others. These are the ones that make YouTube a great place to be. These are the ones that show you there is intelligent life on the internet. Thank God for the wonders and horrors they have shared with the world. To enlighten and to support others is a great gift. This is why we will always win.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Message From God?

And this is post #333 - that 3 3's... Trinity and all... OK I know you think I am crazy... But I do take this as a sign that God is watching over us.

More Art

Found some old Bryce files and played with them. I did these in 2008 - Tweaked them a little and rendered them again.