The most over used word on the net

Oh man... All this "Podo" shot on YT... If you’re too stupid to troll someone well, just use that word and you get attention. Too bad the word Pedophile has lost all meaning on the internet. Too many tards tossing it out every single time they don't like someone. So now if you want to warn someone about a real threat you will most likely be ignored because these fools have over used the word.

Now because of the foolish attempt to destroy people names on the internet, the real monsters run free looking for children. They are safe in the knowledge that so many people don’t react to the word now. Most of the trolls say they hunt “prdos” when in reality they have no hope of even knowing that the term means to someone who has been affected by the creatures this word really refers to.

The shame of the modern age is how often this word is used. Every single day some fool will toss it out there, many times more than once. Now we have forums for posting “pedo alerts” on all the nasty people you don’t agree with. If you don’t like them or they differ in opinion from you just call them a pedo. No need for proof as the weak minded will never need proof.

Chat rooms full of monsters and people who do nothing but watch naked kids on YouTube get away with it. The outspoken or people of the GLBTQ rainbow get labelled for the sake of hate. No one will back it up and if they do it’s with a web site where the feeble minded post “warnings” instead of a government site. For a time people might listen but then they lose interest and more on to the next flash of drama on the net. All the while the monsters are unseen and unheard. Waiting and stalking their next victim.


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