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Abandoning my 2 profiles on the site (MyMooseJaw and AxeMoose) Can't upload and have not been able to in over a year now. I am not alone in this to say the least. Several people I know from there have emailed asking if I knew when the site would be back up and running. I for one do not think it is worth the wait. I have filtered out video.ca on my 2 emails that are linked to the accounts over there. No more of it will come to my inbox. The video from MyMooseJaw that was top of the featured video list has been spammed into the dark ages by many accounts on the site. This is obviously a bot set up to do so. If the attack was on me it is for not, as I don't give a shit and have not given a shit about the site in a year. The contact form does not work and I can't get hold of the staff. If you are staff and see this - don't send email from the site as it will not get to me (it will be deleted from server as per filter).

The Video.ca logo and name are used in video and text as commentary on the state of why I have long abandoned the site.


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