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If I Vanish

A lot seems to be going wrong this last while. Health wise I mean. Makes me wonder how long I am going to be around on this old earth. Makes me wonder if the time is short. It’s all getting worse you see.

The pain is getting worse. My knees have let up some but now and then it just hurts all over my body. Pain like I cannot describe to you. The pain in my bowls is getting to me a lot more often. I am not plugged up in fact it’s the opposite, I go often and it comes out with ease. Yet the pain is so bad. Right now it’s at a 6 I would say. The other night it was a perfect 10. Unimaginable pain. The two days ago I had a lot of blood coming out of my back end. Must have been over a cup of it in total.

Sure I sat there for 6 hours waiting to get into the ER. Sure they passed me off like so many times before. But right now I don’t care. Right now I just want to know if this is going to kill me or not. Right now I just want to know if I should be saying goodbye or not.

I look back on my life an…

When You Are Your Own Bully

My poor demented stalker. John you need help. Lots of help. I remember the school days when you thought everyone was a bully and they all wanted to hurt you. Reality was they did not care you existed let alone bother to bully you. Now you want revenge for things that never happened. Everyone who helped you where in turn harmed by you. The reality is your the bully and your tortured mind is the only one out to get you. Your in my prayers even if you want me to kill myself. Your comments betray who you are. They always did and I always known it was you. It could only be you. For someone who prides his intellect you are not all that smart. We all know what you have done or tried to do to us and we only pity you.

Dear On The Road

5pm Friday Jan. 18, 2013. 1st Ave. N.W. By the Conexus facing North. They ran all over downtown until we lost sight of them on High Street (200 Block).

Special Kind Of Parking

So in this photo we see a van parked so that you have to drive on the sidewalk to get around it. Not only that she is right in the middle between the 2 rows of parked cars in the lot. Thank you so much for you ability to be a dick head.