Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hugs to you sad little man.

7 Years.

For 7 years the same psychotic dolt has been stalking me on YouTube.

How long does it take for a stupid person to realize I don't care that he "hates me".

I do completely understand his sexual attraction to me conflicts with his fundamentalist religious beliefs and so on. But the fact that almost all of his sock accounts where using women's names should spark something in his small mind. But he continues to go on and on and on about pointless things that I am at peace with. His use of the term, "jail cell" - to describe peoples homes, shows that he has spent time in jail. This is something I already know that, as I know he spent time in prison as a sex offender.

At best this is an annoyance for 1 maybe 2 minutes. Then I move on with my happy day, interacting with people who I love and that love me. He on the other hand needs to be pitied, as he will never know love in any form. He hates himself and when he sees his own traits in others, he attacks.

The fact that he frequents the soup kitchen in his city, is more proof of his failing in life at every turn. You can not be as angry as him and keep a job. All the good jobs will look into your past and the criminal record will keep him form having them. When you do nothing but attack people for being happy or who have the traits you hate in yourself, then employment only lasts a few days. You soon get a reputation in your community and you are out of options. Then it's time for the soup kitchen.

I will pray for you sad man with gender identity and sexuality issues. God loves you and so do I, even in your rage and anger. I pray that you find some peace in your life and that you find a way to love yourself. Big hugs to you sad and angry little man.

Peace - Dave.

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