The twisted thoughts in your damaged brain.

I know about you. I know your past. I know your crime. I know all there is too know. I can't say I would judge you, as we all do that on first sight. But I can say I understand you. This does not make what you have done right in my eyes. I do, however, forgive you. Still I will never trust you.

I know your reading this and I know you are thinking of me all the time. That's part of your problem, you can't distinguish between the twisted thoughts in your damaged brain and reality. So huddle in the dark halls and talk. Do what you do best and spread your poison. This is what you live for. In the end you only harm yourself. There will be a day of judgment. On that day we will see who is the better person.

Until then, keep reading and keep watching and keep talking. Those that know me well will never listen. Those that listen I want nothing to do with at all. People like you always expose who you are to the fools that listen to you in the first place. They will know and when they do they will shun you. Your never safe from your own lies and hate. Your never safe from your delusions. Your never safe from thinking everything I do or say is about you. This is worse than anything I could do to you. Your punishment is your tortured soul and your lack of love. Those who can not love are hated be all in their minds. Those who can not love are doomed to live the pain they want to inflict on others. Your words cut you more than the ones you talk about. Your mind hate you and you more than anyone else ever could.

Keep watching and reading and talking. Your life is filled with obsession and you will never be free. You will never sit with a friend and enjoy the sunset. For you the beauty of this world does not exist. Your twisted mind will not let it.

I will pray for you.



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