Why so angry?

If someone has the ability to post retarded comments 18 hours a day every single day, then do you believe they have a job? HAHAHA I sure don't.

I have 7 steps for you:

#1 Take your meds or get on some.
#2 Grow a brain.
#3 Get off the computer now and then and go outside.
#4 Realize your the reason your life is shit, not other people.
#5 Start to love yourself, so you don't need to try and hurt others to feel something - anything - other than the pain your own mind puts you threw.
#6 Start making life better for others any way you can, so you don't need anger to cover the pain.
#7 Grow as a person and learn something new.

The world is joy and life and fun if you want it to be. If you chose to be angry then there is literally no joy to be had. All you can do is try to harm others to feel good. But in the end, it's empty feeling. There is no joy in it and the anger only gets worse. You are a slave to your own flawed thinking. The force of will to change who you are is worth it. See the wonder around you and stop hating yourself. For if you hate others you can not love yourself. If you say you do, you are fooling yourself. Anger only comes from the self. Don't keep hurting yourself with it. Grow and be happy.


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