Is it the end?

I hate to say this but I been sick for so long now - I mean real sick with lots of pain and so on... Well I think I am done for. I go to the doctor or the clinic or the ER and am told "you have the flue" go home. So I had the flue for like 3 months now? This headache has lasted 5 years and gets so darn bad some times. No CT scan for me... Every day it feels a bit worse than the last day. When I wake up I have to wait for a while or I can't walk to the bathroom. My tummy is upset so much so often. I been burping up a horrible smelling thing... I go to the can and it smells like rotting dead animal... I can't really breath that well no more. Would like to see many more years... But like Mom and like Dad I have been ignored and it will just like them, cast me everything in the end. Ignored to death.I am so dizzy and so hot. Oh well - don't worry I am sure it's all in my head just like all the others they ignored to death!


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