Saturday, November 29, 2014

Are You Trying to be Ironic?

LOL so when a troll calls you mean and nasty and stuff should you listen or just make fun of them? Her comments on peoples videos are all this passive aggressive shit. She puts them all down and tries to make it look as if it's them being the mean ones. Don't work on me sunshine - I know what your all about so go back to your behind closed doors vlogging site with your cult leader and try again. Your wording is just the same as when I had to put up with you on that sad ass site. BTW I am glad to be rid of my membership on there. Keep it classy young lady. Why do the stupid ones always think they are so smart? Hay Brian Look who came to visit on YouTube... Now lets all sing a round of "My Michelle" shall we?

 On my video having a good LOL...
On her discussion wall.

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