Thursday, November 27, 2014

Congratulations you fed up your life

If you have failed miserably at life and have nothing left but malice, there is always time to spread the lack of love these days. After all to see those who have become successful in what you failed at is to see how low you really are. And if you buy into that mentality, then it’s easy to start to hate people. After all to love others you must be able to love yourself at least a bit. So when you have nothing but hate for the person you are, you turn to those who are loved and thrash out like a child. If you had the maturity of an adult, you would have learned to deal with the bad things in your life. But you never did grow out of that childish expression of anger towards those who have what you don’t have. This is why you make account after account on websites and get blocked and banned time and time again. This is why you try with no success to make others as unhappy as you are. This is why you have no one in your life that loves you, unless you only know then threw lies. This is why you try to scam money out of people. This is why you tear down your own doings without even knowing you have done it. Your hate for yourself has turned you into the failure you are now. Your heart is black from years of not loving and you desire the love of others yet you act in a violent manner toward them. They show you love and you turn on them. Now all that is left of your shattered mind is a lump of coal that burns with hate for all that once supported you. Congratulations you fucked up your life. Time to celebrate.

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