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Just move on (6/1/2014)

Seems there is a lot of people out there that don't like it when others are happy and have friends. They spend all their spare time on the net posting all kinds of retarded comments. This is in the hope to make others as sad and angry as they are. They can not accept that the normal state of being is to be happy. Their brains are broken all to hell and they want the rest of us to be the same. God help you if you disagree with their twisted points of view. In the end they make them selves more angry with it all. It's pointless to try and reach them. They are lost in the wilderness of their own mind.

In the end - at the end of the day they are sad as hell that 95% of people they tried to mess the day up for are just as happy as they where in the first place. They don't have any power in the real world and the fact that we do not let them have power in our online world makes them sad. So don't fight them or argue or rant and rave - Just ignore the hell out of them. It will piss them off. If you give a response they think they are some kind of power. Even though they are 100% powerless. You can't help people like this. The best that can happen is they get tired of being angry and seek the help they so desperately need. It's out there and they need it more than you need every comment to be good and all the ratings to be thumbs up.

Hugs peace and Love - Dave :)

You will never see reality (6/2/2014)

The beauty of it all. To see what is obvious to so darn many others and at the same time how blind the victim is.

See there is this fellow who thinks this nice young thing that is way too young for him is all so in debt to him. He thinks he can confide in her and well other things he does when not online with her... That aside... He does not realize that all of the strife in his life is from this one person. By listening to all the crap she is feeding him, he does not see reality. Instead there is nothing out there but people trying to "troll him", or take him down.

Please God if I ever become this out of touch with reality kill me!

To a several of us it was obvious from the start. Others got the point after many pointless and non factual rants where posted by this fellow.

Then again it does not help that said fellow has a problem and can't see it. When you think you are literally changing how the world works and how people see each other... Well your probable out to lunch. Then of course it's not enough to play the fool for a fool. Little my waste of space needs to go on trolling the hell out of good people who are just in it to help and share their lives. Still the fellow sees nothing at all.

So M... When you put on the cap locks you only prove your not good enough to do the task you set out for. And as for your boy toy - let him go. He has way too many problems as it is.

Huggles - Dave :)

Why so little memory on my phone... (6/21/2014)

Example of Bloat Ware... Oh look an app that does nothing for me and that I don't want. But guess what... It's installed at the factory so it can not be removed. That silly chat thing of theirs can go as well. Not to mention 60% of the stuff they installed. Being that almost all apps can not be placed on the SD card, it's hard to free up some space on the phone. If I was typical of most users I would be almost out of room. Thank God I don't have much I need on the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the most stuff installed that can't be removed. The iPhone 5C has the least. But the processing power of the S4 is far better and one of the reasons I like it. Some will disagree, but I think the battery life is better than the iPhone 4S I had. Not just a litter better as well, but way better. Still in hind sight - I would have gone for the Nexus 5...

Peace - Dave :)

That Makes Me An Asshole? (7/12/2014)

I am reminded of a "manager" kicking a friend and I out of the store once. All he would say is, "you know why". The only thing we could think of is, "because your fucking crazy". Then the LOL came... He got fired and banned for the store. So now when we are there and he is walking by in the mall - we make sure he sees us in there... BTW both of us have not done one thing to this nut job. He thinks that we are all out to get him. By all, I mean a LOT of people... He will get himself fired then he will blame it on "the group" for "telling lies to the boss". HA.

Not much of a rant... But I just had too... LOLS... Mostly because I know he reads this. OK that makes me an asshole - but I can live with that. After the years of abuse for no reason and all... It's ironic in a way - he does what he blames others for doing to him. Then don't get why no one likes him. Yup... All kinds of excuses have been given over the many years - but oh well.

See when I fuck things up for myself, I don't blame it on others. My failings are 90% my own fault and I admit when I mess up... But for this fella, it's all about someone else to take the blame for his actions and words.

Peace - Dave :)

Slow Much? (7/15/2014)

Comment of the day, "a 6 year old human can already talk, something that cats never achieved... hes way smarter then a cat at that age."
Well lets compare apples to oranges then shall we? The video is about how smart the cat is. Do you honestly expect a cat to talk? Do you have NO education? See cats can learn quite a few words - they just can't say them back. See there not not physically capable of it you dumb ass. Thank you for lowering the standard for intelligent commenting. BTW I am assuming it took you to the age of 6 to start to talk by this comment. Slow much?

Spam On Youtubers (8/3/2014)

Sorry but I make a habit to never check out anyone who spams me. Have fun putting all that energy in trying to be a "Star" though. If fake popularity is what makes you think your happy, then run with it. I on the other hand will just stick with the people I care for... Enjoy your ill-gotten view buddy...

Peace, Love and contentment - Dave :)

Oh stalker boy (8/15/2014)

Are you mad at the world because you got caught in the park at night. Your pants down and s dick in your mouth?
Or is it that you are compelled by the paranoid delusions you have? Do you think we do nothing but talk about you? Does your mind only see discord?
You have spent a life ripping people off and trying to sue over things that are not real. Now no one will hang with you. You tell them your 30 when you are almost 60 and look it.
Even your Facebook photo is a car that is not yours in front of a home you don't own.
Every place you go you are known. When you vacate, they snicker and talk. Or so you think. The reality is no on knows you or cares one bit.
The powers that be could Wright a book about your mind, not just a paper.
Seek help and stay off the interwebs. Your misperception only leads to embarrass you when you comment.
A poem by David S Nicholson

Schizophrenic Transvestite With Identity Issues... (8/23/2014)

So what kind of mental illness do you have when you watch a persons every video for 8 years and act like a 4 year old on every one of them? Keep going on how they suck and yet you have watched for 8 years... Well I guess it's the same as when you pretend to be someones only good friend and your really leading him into a world of hurt every single time you can. Some people know who this is I am talking about. Patrick James you know who... I realize there is the matter of unmediated mental illness here (and that is not a joke, it's true) but you would think this person would see reality once in a while. Then there is the matter of the wife he keeps talking about - and the fact he said he moved and the house was exactly 100% the same after the move... Well you know - when your in your own little world and all you can see is the evil around you, then more than likely you are that evil. Time to go see a doctor man... Oh and for Gods sake stop pretending to be a woman so f'ing often... It's getting old... You been caught, you know people know and you still go on like your not doing nothing wrong... HA. No you don't need no medication do you? You can control the schizophrenia all on your own... LOL nice try... Now sing us a song and pretend your not the cunt you really are... After all you have a bunch of people fooled... Just not all of us...

Facebook Ironics 001 (9/3/2014)

Perfect example of negative reinforcement to be popular. Share or you are stupid. Sorry from now on I will mock these posts...

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam (9/26/2014)

Karina Hertmann

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Please SEE  theWarningsecondcoming dotcom

"To say that you are of Me is one thing. To be of Me is another....
Your Jesus"

Stuck at 95% (9/26/2014)

Stuck at 95% processing for 22 min. Way to work YouTube - NOT.

YouTube is Broken Again... (9/26/2014)



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