Sunday, November 9, 2014

Outraged To Say The Least

Hay you. Yes you. I know your stalking this page, because you just did a video about something I shared just a while ago. You’re a pile of shit you know that? After all the times you talked trash about my good friend you have the nerve to post a vlog being all nice and loving toward him? How dare you even mention his name you mentally ill freak ass bitch. All the problems in your life are caused by you being fucking crazy. You just don’t realize you’re FUCKED in the head for some reason. Go ahead and post crap about me now and send your little bitch to post crap on my videos with her little socks. I don’t care about that. But your mental ass should never have said a word about my friend. You slow witted vile pile of crap. You know I don’t get mad – you know I don’t hate. But you have made me want to slap you in the face and yell. You hated the man and you come out with this shit? You lie with every word you say. You don’t let people know how you really are. All those feelings that I know you have hidden inside. All the time you said how terrible it was for people to be Gay and you are in fact GAY. I would bet my life on that part. I know you cleansed all that trash talk from your private members only site, but it was said and it was noted by many. And even though it’s been over 10 years since I was with anyone, you and your cohorts have the guts to talk about my morality. If you wanted to provoke a response you fucking got it crazy man. Your cult of personality can’t hide the facts to those who see reality and we see you for who and what you are. There are other things I picked up about you that I won’t bother to mention here. Deeper rooted more vial and disgusting things. I know you, because your 100% the same as another I knew all too well. You slipped up in conversations and posts far too many times and I noted it all. It’s not out of anger that I say this as well. It’s the truth as I see it. And I DO see it. You will notice I don’t hide behind locked doors when I vlog. You will notice this is for the world to see and comment on. So is my vlogging and my Facebook. I don’t hide, because I have NOTHING to be ashamed off. So go and huddle in your dark room that hides your idiosyncrasies. I know you well.

You will be judged one day just as you judge others.

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