Sunday, November 9, 2014

Speaking of Collecting Things

OMG speaking of crazy people. I seem to collect the fecking things in my life. I always have. In real life or online it’s all the same, there has to be some un-medicated dolt that does not know they need medication. Been like 9 years of this foolish moron stalking me online here there and everywhere. The man is schizophrenic and un-medicated. Not guessing here, I know this for a fact. The strange thing that he wants to be seen as more than one person when it is 100% obvious that he is just one person is confusing to say the least. But what do you expect from someone who talked to God and gets and answer (literally). The best part is he is online 18 or 19 hours a day every single day but goes off on how useless others are and how they don’t work and spend all their time online. See where I am going here? Yep that all too familiar ring of someone point out their own flaws in life. The proof is there simple enough, the thumbs down no matter when I post a video night or day – it will happen in less than half an hour. It always does. I like the fact that after I mentioned on this blog that he needs to get a VPN so it does not show up all from the USA, he DID. Now the thumbs show from several countries. LOL this is a win and an EPIC one. To actually pay money to down rate my vlogs is so funny. BTW I know you can do better with it. Oh and the best part. He often wants to be seen as a woman when he comments his vial disturbia. The script plays out worse than a 1930’s dime store novel. In any event, keep smiling and keep vlogging. It is a win every time you ban a troll and move on. It’s a win every time you don’t get mad and they lose every time. After all, to put that much time into anger is to literally waste your life. We know love is the only way to be happy. Hugs and love guys.