Friday, December 5, 2014

Ode to Kevin Spratts Perfect Rant :)

Literally 90% of people never rate, ever. So random people wondering in would not be getting you 6 or 7 dislikes at all. It only makes sense if it's 1 small minded person doing it. The other thing is if 99.9% of people don't like your content they will never be back. You would literally have to be insane to keep watching someone if you don't like them. That alone proves a mental disorder. The mood swings are also a big tell of a profound mental disorder. And to look at the amount of people he is doing this to, would take a long time to say the least. That shows obsession and more than likely paranoia and strongly paranoid at that. His tenancy to go after women who have PTSD shows that he has a strong hatred of women. This is more than often because a person can NOT deal with they sexuality and they blame women for their malfunctions. As well the majority of people with Bipolar and Schizophrenia think they are A: smarter than everyone they encounter; B: Think that everyone they encounter is trying to harm them in some way. C: that anything they do to protect themselves against the perceived enemy is OK to do. A lot of people I follow on here and on FB have lived for many years with both disorders and where medicated. This made them normal people again. But for some reason the ones who are most out of control are the ones who refuse medication. They almost always think that they are very creative and that it would interfere with that creative process. The majority of the time the delusions and mania are holding them back from being truly creative. Only a handful of people in history where both strongly mentally ill and very creative. The rest just tinkered with crap and though it was misunderstood.

In response to the video below :) P.S. I rate this rant "Fucking A!" - As in really good.