Oh Poor Drama Queen...

Awww. Are you all pissy that I was watching Sons of Anarchy at 10pm? Make sure you slam the shit out of the door and start your hissy fit the exact moment I turn it off. LOL I just love that the person who makes the most noise in this entire building is so darn offended when I make a sound. Day or night the guy is pissy about me enjoying life in my own apartment. Got to fucking love that. Too bad crazy fucktard. Unlike you I am not in the hall at 2:30am making all kinds of noise on the phone and slamming the door - thus waking everyone else up. God your far to young to be angry for literally no reason. Do you see me getting all pissing and slamming doors or banging walls when you are being a cunt? Oh wait that is not the right word, them things have a use in this world. You on the other hand have no use but to be a drama queen. Congrats on proving that maturity. So tell me, why the hell did you move into an apartment building if you did not want anyone but you to make noise? Grow the fuck up.

P.S. If you need me I will be singing till 5am. Hymns that is :)


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