Thursday, January 22, 2015

666 Subscribers and Analytics

Back down to 665 at the moment, but for a bit it was 666 LOL.

OK and here are the stats as well. The thing keeps telling me I am getting 6,000 to 7,000 views a month. Well if you carry that back and extrapolate (even will roll offs for less subscribers), my view count should be darn near a 1,000,000 by now. So how accurate is google analytics? I do the math and the new video views is about 3,600 a month. Give it 300 for the crap pile of old videos I have. Still not even close to what they say it is.

As for ratings 90% of the dislikes are one disturbed individual. LOL. People get all kinds of angry at that kind of activity. Well, some of the big names actually try to piss people off to get a thumbs down. Know why? Because all interaction counts to the plus. Ratings in total count to gain you position in the search results. Not just likes, but dislikes as well. The system is supposed to be smart enough to know if your using a bot to like your own shit and if someone is down bombing you. The most important thing is unique views. That is usually about 95% of your view count. That gets you more points than ratings or comments. But they all add up.

Have fun kids and play safe, wear bubble wrap - Dave :)

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