Monday, March 23, 2015

Playing For Attention

HA so there is someone trolling in the one YouTube group on Facebook. The kid sounds like a 9 year old on his "Gaming Videos". I see his has almost as many dislikes on his vids as views. I see the big mouth is paying off. He scoffed at someone having only "900" subscribers and he has 10. Anything to get attention hay little kid? Thing is the one he was after has a highly marketable channel. Her videos are not at all what I like to watch, but they are what most people like to watch. The game thing gets old very fast and there are literally millions of them out there, so the chances of a big name gamer on the tubes is about nil. Now I realize I will never be a big name, nor do I want to be. But I have something this fellow will never have in his life - Respect. There are a lot of people who have followed me for years on the tubes and I have followed them as well. We like each other and we are friends. People who lash out for attention might get it, but respect is something they will never have. Nor will they have friends in a true sense of the word. The instead will have people who hate them. Negative attention is all they will get. Nine times out of ten they don't have the ability to be great at the games they play as well. The lack the focus that is needed. They spend way too much time trying to be noticed instead of doing what is required to score the big points and complete the game. So in the end, all they have is an antisocial attitude. This is a disorder of the mind of course. People who fit into society don't tend to be self serving mouth pieces, they tend to be ones who do for others now and then at least. In the end I have nothing but pity for such people. They will never know the joy of true friendship or the wonders of the world around them. Instead all the focus is on attention, "LOOK AT ME"...

Peace, Love and Joy - Dave :)

P.S. even his user name was not original. And I will never think recording game play to be creating original content.

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