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You Can Be An Internet Troll

Does other people enjoying their life offend you? Do you think you know everything even know you did not finish hight school? Are you angry at the world and don't know why? Then you can became an internet troll. All it takes is an internet connection and all of your time. Post comments on literally everything you see and thumbs down that video of a baby playing in the snow. That's it, be less than human.

All Over The Place Playlist April 25, 2015 - 2:30am

1 John Lennon - Bring on the Lucie (Freeda Peeple)
2 John Lennon - Watching The Wheels
3 George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
4 The Beatles - Let It Be
5 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
6 John Mellencamp - When Jesus Left Birmingham
7 Aerosmith - Street Jesus
8 The Byrds - Jesus Is Just Alright
9 Queen - Jesus
12 Skrillex - Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding)
13 Deadmau5 - Strobe
14 Space Buddha - Mental Hotline
15 Talamasca - Spiritual Renewal
16 Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around The Clock
17 Chuck Berry - Johnny B-Goode
18 Motley Crue - home sweet home
19 Slaughter - Fly To The Angels
20 Oliver - Good Morning Starshine
21 The Beatles - Nowhere Man
22 The Beatles - I Am The Walrus
23 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
24 Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe 2002 (A song about and STD hehehe)
25 Rednex - The Way I Mate
26 Rednex - Wild And Free
27 Smokin' Armadillos - Red Rock
28 Luke Kaufman - Above the Law
29 Grayson Wood - The Ghost …

Playing with Bryce 7.1 Pro Again...

Made to fit the topic of discussion on a Facebook Thread :)... Yes, Sarcasm is my super power...
 Lets Play Pong...  Watch me pimp out the kids on camera to get more views :) Family vlogging at it's best... Take a guess...
All done in bryce 7.1 Pro...

Strange Parking Message LOL

OK the parking meters don't have to be paid after 6PM The parking enforcement people go back to the police station at 5:30pm. I left the apartment to go out for coffee at just after 6PM on Friday and this was not in the parking meter. I came back at 10PM and there it was sticking out of the parking meter. So not only did they pay money for nothing, I am sure the parking cop would have just given a ticket to them instead of bothering to read the note - go inside and find the person to put more money in. They don't give two poops about doing things like that. So... LOL is all I have to say.

The box is in two places you say...

Wow the new mail boxes people are getting instead of having home delivery are capable of being in two places at once. Amazing that. LOL. See 1006 is close to 10th AV NW not 11th AV NW. hehe... Oh the magic of government owned companies in operation :) LOL...

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza from Dominoes

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza from Dominoes here in Moose Jaw. The base is Alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce. The onions on it are tender and mild tasting. The bacon accents the chicken and the cheese very well. Savoy taste and satisfying. The crust is not the best I have had but it is satisfactory. All in all an enjoyable experience. I give this an 7.5 out of 10. It was well worth the price I paid for it. Delivery time was very quick and with the app you know it will be there soon after it does out for delivery. Well worth a try.

Today's Play Time on Bryce 7.1 Pro


Icons of Mine


Old Photos Round 3


Old Photos Round 2

Grandma Popowitch.  Me 2 years old.  My brother 2 years old.  My brothers kids.  Dad bottom left Grade 6 - Victoria School, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Mom in Winnipeg - She was learning to be a teacher.

 Me grade 10.

 Dad 4th from left back row. North Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada.

 Me age 2.
 Dad 4th from left back row. North Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada.  Uncle Wayn and Aunt Ellane Wedding Dad 3rd from left, my brother beside him  Grandpa Nicholson. Hand tinted photo - May 16th 1916.  Grandpa Nicholson. Hand tinted photo - May 16th 1916.