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Reply to the "late t-shirt email" I sent.

Hi Dave,
We had to special order in the T-shirt size you requested. As it was a single shirt order, our supplier needed to attach it in a larger order with other shirts. After that there is production time - unfortunately, our supplier runs a small business out of their home in Regina and was sick for a few days. The T-shirt was mailed on May 22 from Regina. I don't know if there was a tracking code on it, but if you don't get the shirt by the end of the week then I will look into it.
Ultimately, Moose Jaw Pride uses T-shirt sales as a fundraiser. However, for this shirt we have already paid our supplier $17.50 for the shirt that is being mailed to you. We went the extra mile to make sure we could get you a shirt in your size at no extra cost. Please be patient with us as we are not a professional T-shirt company, just some folks trying to make a difference in our community. We all work volunteer to make Pride happen here.
Sorry again, that the shirt is late.



At the time the option to get them up to 5XL was available on the web site. If the vendor then changes it's mind and only goes to 2XL this is not my problem. I ordered a 5XL in good faith from the web site at the time as it WAS an option. I fully expect people to live up to their end of things when I order something or to get my money back. The time frame was 2 to 4 weeks. Time is up. Friday is the end of the month and if it's not in by then I may just put in a refund request on PayPal. I have been more than patient over this. Non-profit or not, I expect people to do what they are tasked to do. When something is an option at the point of sail, it is NOT going the extra mile - it is going what you claimed you can do. Being that there was literally NO communication to me until I filed a complaint, I can only assume that my order did not actually matter to them. I went out of my way to support an organization that I think is just. How can I still think that at this point? It takes very little time to send an email to someone you have the email address of, to let them know what is happening. When things like this happen, I distance myself form said organizations. I want no part of a group that does not even have the courtesy to send an email saying it's going to take extra time and why. The big point here is the option to order up to 5XL was on the site at the time. I used it in good faith.

BTW Regina is a 50 min drive from here and 76KM distance. It's been 4 business days since the mail out. How in the world does it take this long? 2 more working days to the end of the month. That would be 6 business days to go 76KM's... Think about that Canada Post.


  1. Lot of my Facebook friends are saying it's blatant size discrimination. Several people have said "What there are no fat gay people?". Serving a member of a community you are supposed to be set up to serve is not "Going out of your way".


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